Saturday, March 29, 2008

What my Dad thinks about my blog . . .

So I talked to my dad this morning and I mentioned my blog and the first thing he said was "Hey Heidi I noticed that your website [blog] said you like avocado . . .avocado is the perfect food, that's good that you like it. Hey you know, I think that's why you didn't have any postpartum depression because avocado is rich in zinc and people with depression have low amounts of zinc." That's my Dad always proud of my health consciousness. I love it! 

Despite the somewhat humorous tone to this post, it in no way negates the validity of my Dad's observation regarding my preference for avocado's [and swiss cz]. This posting does not reflect the opinions or preferences of the avocado industry, it was paid for and  published by Heidi Sue Inc.

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