Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gunner's 2nd Birthday and Jack

Thank-you dad!

I know that Jack's against a pink background, but all the blue ones just aren't as cute as this -Look at those blig blue eyes!

It's a couple of weeks after Gunner's Birthday . . . and I've been wanting to take these shots for awhile. So we made cupcakes and celebrated Guns Birthday again! It was great fun, he got to blow out his candle over and over and over.


Unknown said...

Hey, I love your new blog, Its such a cool thing, Trachelle got one and I check hers on a daily basis, so now I check yours out to!!! I love your new pics Jack is so cute.

Melinda said...

GO Heidi!! All my cousins are so inspiring. I may just have to try this blogging thing too. I'll be checking back. Thanks for sending me the link.

High Heels and a Sippy Cup said...

Oh I just want bite those chunky cheeks! (but in a good kissy kind of way ;-) Adorable O'Barr Boys!