Saturday, November 15, 2008

I took my brother to the MTC this last week . . .

Me trying to hold my fat camera for a close up picture

So I dropped my baby brother off at the MTC in Salt Lake this last Wed. It was really neat and surprising emotional! I drove down with my two sons Mon. night so we could pick Trenton up at the airport the following morning. After we picked Trenton up at the airport we spent Tuesday Christmas shopping at the outlet mall in Park city. Gunner and Jack loved hanging out with their uncle Trenton, and Trenton seemed to be way cool with it. I'm sure they were driving him nuts - they were driving me nuts, long car drives don't go well for toddlers and infants; the next car we get is Totally going to have a TV and DVD player!

Wed. at breakfast before we headed to Provo.

On Wed morning we loaded the crazy kids up and started our treck to Provo. Everyone fell asleep on the way there, I always feel so left out when everyone is sleeping but me - it's always lonely the first 6 months of my child's life . . . [dejected sigh]
When we got to Provo, Trenton realized he had forgotten his belts in Alaska so we had to go buy him a couple before we dropped him off at the MTC. By the time we unloaded the kids, went and bought some belts, loaded the kids back up, and headed for the MTC we had about 15-20 minutes to get there. And of course I got lost on the way there. I couldn't get ahold of Johnny to give me directions or my dad . . .What if they won't take him if we are late . . . all the nice companions will be used up by the time we get there . . . Trenton will have to fast for days seeking forgiveness . . . My babies are starting to whine and cry in the car . . . AHHHH! This was suppose to be an organized meaningful experience, just like a crazy family reunion - my co-worker (Dave) says that's why they should always have beer at family reunions (crazy heathen).
So we finally found it, and we had 3 minutes to get inside and these are the pictures we had time for . . .

It says "New missionaries enter here"

It says "Family and Friends enter here"

Gunner, on the way to melt-down city

After, we were done taking pictures, we were directed to a chapel down the hall; there was a 30 minute devotion for all new missionaries and their family members. Gunner didn't last 10 minutes, he started whining about fruit snacks - I was all out - and then he threw a holy living fit that I have only seen the likes of 2 other times in his life. Yeah for us - I'm so glad that this new phase of his terrible twos could be experienced in the MTC! Needless to say I took him right out and he was in time out - it didn't seem appropriate to use bodily harm as a teaching tool in the MTC. I told Gunner he was in time out because he was not being reverent he proceed to cry out "No time-out!! [lots of crying]" then very loudly "I need Jesus!" I then suggested that Gunner say a prayer for comfort very quietly. And then Gunner started saying a sweet little prayer, that was still louder and there was more crying interspersed throughout it than I would have liked, but it calmed him down a little. Then the devotional was over and Gunner was calm enough that we could go back inside and say our last Good-bye for two years. I could barely control the tears I was so proud of Trenton! Gunner gave uncle Trenton a hug and then Trenton took Jack in his arms to give him a hug and kiss! I couldn't believe I was so emotional! Trenton's doing the right thing and we felt the spirit touch our hearts about his choice to serve the Lord. I'm glad we could be there for it!

We went to Krispy Creme afterward because - I LOVE FRESH Krispy Creme! Gunner is so cute . . . sometimes!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What happened toThanksgiving!

So, I learned how to change my background and I decided to dedicate my initiation into this Blogging phenomenon to our nations long, lost, step-holiday . . . Thanksgiving.

I'm going to make a Turkey this year, my strategy is to try it out in a dutch oven, I'm very excited to taste the genius of my carefully laid plan. If only you could taste test on your blog; I'd love to share!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jack was the inspiration for our family's Halloween costumes - doesn't he TOTALLY look like baby Jack-Jack! Enjoy!