Friday, January 23, 2009

more . . . . SOON!

One of the strengths of BYU-I collage wards is that most people are all in similar situations: young families, balancing school and home life, new moms and babies, so it's really easy to share ideas that are working for you, your family and get ideas and feed back from others.
I've had a great time discussing personal goals with good friends AND I've gotten some great ideas and inspiration back. So I'd like to share a few:
One of my new years resolutions was to incorporate more healthy meal planning into our busy schedule. More specifically - I was (and am) interested in acquainting my cooking skills with a wider variety of grains and nutrient dense foods that are kid friendly. Gunner's always been a little bit of a picky eater and that can be a struggle. But we taught him early on that he needs to take a bite or two. It's been successful for the most part. And with the new things I've been trying, hopefully we can tease him out of his pancake, yogurt, and corn dog preferences permanently . . . we'll see; I can dream can't I?!
When I was in nursing school one of the classes I had to take was a nutrition course - part of our final project included doing a self evaluation of our eating habits and caloric intake. I REALLY enjoyed it! It was like a strategy game: planning how to spend your calories, getting your veggies and essential vitamins in for the day, etc. . . . My dad was so proud!
Anyways, One of my good friends is an avid calorie counter; well, we got to talking and I was thinking about my nutrition class and I decided that I wanted to count veggies and calories again. It's been really fun! I've found some great recipes and I feel like I'm helping my kids appreciate healthy foods and a wider variety. AND I feel a lot better, more energy, my skin is clearer, I feel full after I eat and I sleep better. So here are a few of my finds from friends and from my own research.

1. I'm in LOVE with Quinoa (I'm pretty sure that you say it keen-wha) - it's a pseudo cereal grown in South America. You cook it just like rice and it is considered a complete protein because of the many amino acids it contains. In an article I read, quinoa was listed as one of the ten perfect foods.

2. I've tried several whole wheat bread recipes and my cousin's (Trachelle) has been the winner so far. If you click on the link to high heels and a sippy cup at the right you'll find it. I think it's a winner!

3. I've perfected a whole wheat, oatmeal, walnut (or pecans), carob-chip cookie that my boys adore and each 2"-2.5" cookie is 110 calories (98 without the walnuts). I use real vanilla and I think I'm in chewy-carob heaven when I eat them! I will dedicate my next post to this recipe!

4. Sweet potatoes - Johnny doesn't seem to develop a reaction to these (he's allergic to potatoes). They were also mentioned as a perfect food due to the high amount of beta carotene they contain.

Anyways, I've really enjoyed myself! I love reading about people's goals and New Years resolutions. I enjoy goal-oriented activities. So I hope that this can be encouraging, like yours have been for me. AND I hope that in spite of discouragement or unkindness (either from others or your own moments of self-doubt) that your New Year's resolutions are going well!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Share . . . Your Worst Fear

So, Almost every Sunday, our new RS President asks us to stand up, give our name, which apt number we live in and then she asks us to share a piece of personal information; like favorite dessert, something interesting etc . . . Of course this isn't the typical pattern of most RS, but so far @ BYU-I, it's pretty standard - what with all the moving people do - it's a way to get to know each other and fellowship in the short time we have together. SO this last Sunday, she asked us to share our worst fear ie something we're afraid of or dread.
Well, I was sitting next to my friends Star and Nikki and I leaned over to Star and said "Getting FAT!" we laughed. Nikki, gave me wide eyes and mouthed "getting Fat?" I nodded and she whispered "I know!"
Then when it was Star's turn to stand and share - she had to share before me - I whispered up to her "Getting FAT!" Egging her on, willing her with my huge grin to share this WHOLE RELIEF SOCIETY'S real FEAR. That of not being able to handle that unspoken standard we all hold each other up too after each child we bear. If you know not of what I speak, I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Needless to say, none of us shared the "getting FAT," fear. Though I was tempted, just for fun; but my personal vanity won out in the end - appearing shallow is just not an impressive way to make friends or to appear 'friendship worthy.'
Star's my swimming partner; we swap healthy recipes AND we are friends that, occasionally, discuss our pre-pregnancy wt's and our wt when we got married, which is a very catch 22 topic for me I don't think "weight goals," are a very sturdy foundation for budding relationships or ANY relationship, really. It's personal, frankly, like talking about money or budgets - you gotta be blood brothers or something.
Anyways, I've been really excited about the info we've exchanged and other stuff I've found in my research - I plan to share more . . . . SOON!

PS I know you are all wondering . . . or at least it makes me feel good about myself to think that you are ;)