Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well, I guess I should update the Idaho O'Barr's Master plans, which have finalized since my last "Master plans," post. So here's the skinny we have decided to attend the University of Idaho's school of Law. Johnny will graduate July 23rd, we'll visit AK for 2.5 weeks, and then we'll fly back to lovely Rexburg and move on up to Moscow, Idaho the weekend of Aug 14th. All first year law students have to attend a mandatory orientation on Aug. 18th. So exciting and stressful, everything is either maddening or incredibly hilarious! But what are you going to do . . . just keep swimming . . . just keep swimming . . . (that one's for you Star!!).

Another FYI I've decided to combine my photography and family blog. As head logistics manager of the O'Barr family and of Heidi Sue Photography I've made the executive decision to streamline all blog posting under Heidi Sue Photography in order to maximize productive posting time. This blog will remain up but please direct yourselves to the Heidi Sue Photography blog for further posting.


Laurel Nelson said...

Cool! It'll be great to see you back up here in AK!

Thompson Family said...

thats right sometimes you just have to "keep on swimming, just keep tell yourself that enough and eventually you will succeed!