Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catching up . . .been a long time . . . . Cupcakes anyone?

It's been so long since I've posted. Sometimes I go through these excessively long email and Internet fasts . . . I do the bear minimum and I find that it is very therapeutic, most of the time. It usually coincides with our really busy family schedule. This last time seemed a little excessive . . . it's gotten to the point that I've almost forgotten how to do this and how much I enjoy doing it frankly. Then I feel guilty because I find myself trying to avoid it because it's embarrassing trying to re-remember how to use the computer. I don't have a natural talent for technology and having that thrown in my face because of my own choices is a level of self-awareness I'd rather avoid. AND I hate when I start to evade tasks, people, or otherwise; It's soul-sucking. So here I am trying to drown-out the soul-sucking tendency of my weak self. Doing things that stroke your ego is more fun than facing personal weakness.
Speaking of weakness I've been making a lot of cupcakes lately, another Achilles heel of mine but this one is at least sharable. Enjoy the eye-candy!

I posted this exact same post on my photography blog because heaven forbid I stretch myself twice in one post . . . baby steps . . . baby steps . . . :) I will give myself a mental pat on the back because I have re-visited several blogging techniches that took a huge effort to remember.

Gunner is asking if there is a birthday party because he sees the cupcakes on my blog post. Whenever I make cupcakes we end up talking about birthday parties, totally appropriate subject matter for my 3 yr old son when cupcakesa are in our house. The cutest thing EVER is when we have to return something or it's a hot day and I get out the otter pops and Gunner asks "Is it my Birthday?!" or "Is this a present?" My friend Natalie came over and she left her flip-flops. The next day I asked Gunner if he wanted to go on a walk with me to give Natalie back her shoes and he said "Is this a present?" with his eyes glowing because he LOVES Natalie AND presents. I said "Yes, lets go give Natalie a present!" My son has the right idea. It makes me so happy to think of presents maybe everything should be a present, why not?!


Chrystina said...

this is my gift to you... a comment! Your cupcakes are the bomb and I enjoy being a taster anytime! :) Here is my blog account if you link to my name, can you please put "James and Chrystina" on your blog instead of using our last name? Thanks!!!!

Hostetter Homeschool Academy said...

Yum your cupcakes are amazing!!! Gunner is so cute!!! Audree always asks where Gunner is, and when she sees him outside she freaks out and says she wants to go say hi to him. :) Guess they must have a lot of fun in nursery.

Hostetter Homeschool Academy said...

Sorry that comment says it's Kayla's but it's from me Mele. :)

Laurel Nelson said...

Yummy cupcakes!!!! Can I have some???