Saturday, November 8, 2008

What happened toThanksgiving!

So, I learned how to change my background and I decided to dedicate my initiation into this Blogging phenomenon to our nations long, lost, step-holiday . . . Thanksgiving.

I'm going to make a Turkey this year, my strategy is to try it out in a dutch oven, I'm very excited to taste the genius of my carefully laid plan. If only you could taste test on your blog; I'd love to share!


Hilarie* said...

Heidi this is Chad and I like the plan of the dutch oven turkey. I think I am going to have to steel that idea and try it myself, thanks!

Scott and Ashley Gower said...

Make your own? Cool idea, but, Heidi, you're near family. Soak it up! Five words: Uncle Paul and Aunt Denise - plus two more: and family. - Scott

Aaron and Jana said...

you are so funny! i am glad i know you :)