Saturday, November 8, 2008

What happened toThanksgiving!

So, I learned how to change my background and I decided to dedicate my initiation into this Blogging phenomenon to our nations long, lost, step-holiday . . . Thanksgiving.

I'm going to make a Turkey this year, my strategy is to try it out in a dutch oven, I'm very excited to taste the genius of my carefully laid plan. If only you could taste test on your blog; I'd love to share!


Hilarie* said...

Heidi this is Chad and I like the plan of the dutch oven turkey. I think I am going to have to steel that idea and try it myself, thanks!

Ashley Gower said...

Make your own? Cool idea, but, Heidi, you're near family. Soak it up! Five words: Uncle Paul and Aunt Denise - plus two more: and family. - Scott

Jana Banana said...

you are so funny! i am glad i know you :)