Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I got Tagged by Hilarie Allen

Favorite Flower: Tulips

Favorite Place to shop: J. Crew all the way!

Favorite Actor: Again, I have favorite movies. But if I had to choose I really like Robert Downy Jr. I'm glad he's over come his crack addiction.

Favorite Actress: I don't really have one. I have favorite movies, but if I had to choose one I would want to look like it would be Angelina Jolie. I love her lips and general physique - she is CUT!

Favorite Restaurant: the Double Musky Inn in Girdwood Alaska. A world famous Cajun restaurant. We go for our anniversary every year.

Favorite Hobby: besides taking pictures, Running

Guilty Pleasures: CHOCOLATE.

Dream Career: It's a tie between "Making a lot of money and being able to do whatever I want" and "Having a lot of fun" so the two i came up with are a backup dancer at Disney World or a surgeon -I would live right downtown (because I could afford it) so I could ride my bike to work everyday. I accidently deleted my back up dancer pic so it looks a little weird here, sorry.

Favorite Color: I don't have a favorite color per Se; I LOVE the layered look and as long as they go together and create depth then I dig it! Doesn't food look wonderful in layers! Gap models seem to do it well too.

Favorite Vacation: Hawaii, I've been there twice loved it!

Birth Place: Anchorage, Alaska. This is Beluga point on Turnagain Arm right outside of Anchorage; I spent a lot of time there, hiking and riding my bike to and from there.

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Hilarie* said...

Wow.. good job following the tag. It was fun to see your answers!! :)