Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Socialism is against my personal religion.

The tone of this entry is REALLY sarcastic. I'm venting, nothing personal.

So I went back to work this last week. Johnny's at home with the boys when I work and I'm at home when he's at school. I got to thinking about socialized medicine. . . .

At the heart of socialism (any form) is covetousness consequently its moral opposite, Individualism, operates best among a christian and/or moral populace. People who are pro socialized programs always suspect that financial success comes from stepping on other people, lying, cheating, and stealing rather than industry, hard work, smarts and generosity. Because they feel the rich obtained their proliference "unfairly," they in turn feel entitled to
a portion of the "ill-gotten," gains.
The rudist most non-compliant patients I've ever worked with are ALWAYS medicaid/medicare patients.
And the current hype to bail out all the people who signed adjustable rate mortgages, makes me sick. I was listening to NPR the other day and they were interviewing a couple who had declared bankruptcy because they couldn't make their mortgage payments any more due to the increasing rate - that they'd willing accepted 4 or 5 years ago. The husband said "We didn't know . . . no one explained it to us. . .etc . .," I mean COME-ON, take some responsibility! If you didn't understand why didn't you google it or look it up on wikipedia! And the way NPR was talking about it you'd think that these people were going to be homeless and starving; The couple admitted that they were grateful that they'd declared bankruptcy, because they could continue their lifestyle - going out, eating out, shopping, etc. . .- without worrying about their mortgage payment and the place they were renting would be just as nice as their house (1/3 the size) and their rent would be half as much. Declaring bankruptcy wasn't going to toss them out on the street so why does the government need to come to the rescue.

When you increase the demand and dependence upon government aid (ANY social program, medicaid, medicare, building high schools that look like art museums), inflation increases, consumer products cost more (food, clothing,etc . . .), utilities and taxes go up, Your Family budget increases . . . the last thing to increase is wages, pretty soon it's difficult to live in a one-income household. The next thing you know mom has to go to work and families suffer.

Why are mom's, usually, financially FORCED to work outside of the home? Because Dad isn't making enough money to afford food, clothing, and shelter. Why can't dad afford to pay for food, clothing and shelter? Because they cost too much. Here's a simple example:

Sally's owns the only Cheese store in town, cheese costs $1.5
When the people vote to increase minimum wage from $5/hr to $7/hr Sally has to pay her three new employees $7/hr now. In order to absorb the strain of the new minimum wage increase Sally increases the price of her cheese from $1.5 to $2. Bill, Sally's marketing director (who's been there for 5 years ) and has a family of six is stil making $20/hr and now he has to pay $2 for cheese instead of $1.5 and so do the new employees AND the same kind of thing is happening all over town.
So increasing minimum wages (a form of inflation) has decreased purchasing power because instead of being able to buy 3 pieces of cheese with $5 (at $1.5 each) you can only
buy 2 pieces of cheese ( at $2 each) now.

The economic stimulas package has got me fired up too! But I'll stop for now.

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